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Welcome to Corvettes de Olympia
Founded in 1972
Our next meeting starts at 6:00 PM
Wednesday, Mar. 11, 2015
at Hawks Prairie Restaurant in Lacey
We have a social hour with dinner at 6 PM
and the meeting begins at 7:00 PM
(the meeting room is to the right when you enter the restaurant)
For information about the meeting
or directions to the Hawks Prairie Restaurant
check out the next meeting on our
Event Calendar

The purpose of the club is to:
  • Develop friendship and pride among Corvette owners and drivers
  • Encourage skillful, safe, and sportsmanlike driving habits on the highways
  • Improve relations between the community and Corvette people
  • Actively promote, sponsor, organize, and supervise sportscar competition, outings, meetings, and other Corvette or sports car activities

The club is a great opportunity to meet other Corvette owners, their families, take part in the many events and activities we do, and experience the fun of Corvette ownership


Come join the fun!  


Heartbeat of Olympia

Hear Ye Hear Ye!!

Another issue of “Heartbeat of Olympia” hits the press.

And we are off to a great start this year again, I might add, with lots of news and events to take part in.

Check out the Newsletter for upcoming events and a flashback surprise.

In this issue we have:

·Corvette’s and High Performance by Anne Wax.

·Tacoma Corvette Club Open House 2015 with Flashbacks from 2014 by Jim and Karen Robinson.

·Check out the TCC Open House flyer on the next page with all the2015 information... so you don’t get missed by all your CdeO Sweethearts.

·Officer’s Election Roles and Responsibilities for 2015, we need to get our votes in pretty quick, so make sure you check this out.

·Capital City’s Vette Fest XI Flyer of information. This was the Beast of a Blast last year.

·Sponsor’s Page with some incite full information on Corvette history.

·Calendar of Events kept up to date by Josette Miller.

·Invite to NWACC school and events by Kevin Jewell of NWACC with some awesome pictures by Arthur Green.


Don’t miss the Meeting tonight at 6:00 Social Hour and 7:00 sharp Business meeting for all new and old.


See you there,Wendy


NWACC Proposed 2015 Rules Change                                     


Corvettes de Olympia is a Proud Member of the

Northwest Association of Corvette Clubs
and the

 National Corvette Museum



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